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Welcome to Developmental Pediatrics of North Florida

Dr. James M Walker, MD is the Founder and Director of Developmental Pediatrics of North Florida, and a Board Certified Developmental Pediatric Physician with 19 years of clinical experience. Dr. Walker is one of only two Board Certified Developmental Pediatricians in Jacksonville and all of Northeast Florida.

Dr. Walker has evaluated well over 9,000 children for Developmental/Behavioral concerns. His in-depth, expert consultation examines all of the critical factors that impact a child’s development, guiding families through the diagnostic and treatment process, with the ultimate goal of maximizing every child’s potential.

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Conditions Evaluated

Developmental delays (speech, social, thinking, motor), Global Developmental Delays

Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations

Toddlers with “Failed” M-CHAT screen or showing”red flags” for Autism

Speech & Language delays, Social Communication Disorder, Verbal Apraxia

Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Attention concerns

Social skills concerns, Sensory processing concerns

Dr. Walker and Developmental Pediatrics of North Florida have worked hard to substantially reduce the long and frustrating wait times for Autism Spectrum and Developmental Pediatric evaluations in the region.

Dr. Walker strongly believes in the Early diagnosis and Early treatment of Developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental delays. Call today to promptly discuss your concerns with Dr. Walker. 904-874-3304

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